Thoughts on the Web Sites We Visited 8/29

National Geographic Pearl Harbor: Left me cold; too many ads, no real narrative linkage to events and people who endured that day, and the lack of monitoring of the memory book is appalling.

 The Valley Project: Visually uncluttered, the “floor plan” navigation tool is clever and useful, and its chock full of information that lends itself to serendipitous browsing.

 Smithsonian’s HotWire site: A neat collection of stuff; if you have the time and inclination, you can figure out the confusing display and be rewarded with a fantastic amalgamation of objects. With NMAH closing for a few years, here’s a chance to “visit”. One wonders, though, if the “new” NMAH will be organized like this site; with no narrative or thematic flow.

 French Revolution imagery: An interesting collaborative site, soliciting commentary from scholars about discrete images. A good example of “community building”.

Pepys diary: Tailor made for Pepys-17th Centrury English wonks. Talk about “fleshing out” history ! The community adds to the corpus, and its self-sustaining.


One Response to “Thoughts on the Web Sites We Visited 8/29”

  1. tad suiter Says:

    Hey, just a thought, but you might want, when referencing sites, to provide a link– this’d allow people to go over to the sites, check them out for themselves, and thus be more conducive to dialogue…

    You can always just type the web address in if you don’t want to bother with the HTML tags– e.g.:

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