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Thoughts on the Web Sites We Visited 8/29

August 31, 2006

National Geographic Pearl Harbor: Left me cold; too many ads, no real narrative linkage to events and people who endured that day, and the lack of monitoring of the memory book is appalling.

 The Valley Project: Visually uncluttered, the “floor plan” navigation tool is clever and useful, and its chock full of information that lends itself to serendipitous browsing.

 Smithsonian’s HotWire site: A neat collection of stuff; if you have the time and inclination, you can figure out the confusing display and be rewarded with a fantastic amalgamation of objects. With NMAH closing for a few years, here’s a chance to “visit”. One wonders, though, if the “new” NMAH will be organized like this site; with no narrative or thematic flow.

 French Revolution imagery: An interesting collaborative site, soliciting commentary from scholars about discrete images. A good example of “community building”.

Pepys diary: Tailor made for Pepys-17th Centrury English wonks. Talk about “fleshing out” history ! The community adds to the corpus, and its self-sustaining.


Hello world!

August 31, 2006

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